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What is Designedly?

When I first stumbled across the word Designedly, I thought it sounded odd and kind of made up, so I did what any other normal person would do and Googled it.

Well would you believe it... someone else knew about this word too, a design agency in Ireland called, Designedly.

So what does Designedly actually mean?


Even at this point it ended up scribbled on a scrap piece of paper, mixed in with a pile of other ideas that I never quite get round to. I had even given the word as an idea for someone else to use during a call we had discussing all our crazy and wonderful plans.

It wasn't till around 6 months later when I was working through my purpose and values, that the word Designedly resurfaced. It was at this moment everything clicked into place.

Finally after years of feeling like I didn't quite fit in, like there was something others didn't quite understand, I was able to articulate myself with this one word... Designedly.


The Designedly concept

Put simply, Designedly is whatever you want and need it to be. It's about the individual, the life they wish to live and how 'work' forms part of that.

It's about living and working intentionally, purposely and deliberately.

Here are a few examples of how others have described it:

- Doing it your way, what works for you, learning from ups and downs.

- An individualised concept that empowers me to develop in a way that is personal and unique to my character.

- A productive, balanced and inspirational way to use your working/professional energy and time.

Think of it like a blank canvas, one that avoids existing blueprints that the world and society have created. A blank canvas ready for you to design. A picture created by you, for you.

How do you start Living & Working more Designedly?

It has to start with you. Understanding yourself and developing your self awareness is the key to designing something truly fulfilling. Being honest with yourself and the things you deeply desire, avoiding the subconscious influence of others and their expectations.

This is about you.

If there was no-one making judgement and no-one to impress, what would your work look like. What would you do, how would you do it, when would you, where would you love to be... These are all great to get you started.

Once you start to understand that actually; you learn best by listening or watching, you have that fire in your belly when you do 'x', your energy peaks at 9am, you will be able to start living and working more Designedly.

What will you do next?

Remember there is no right and wrong! What works for one, may not work for you and that is ok... Don't fall into the trap of judging yourselves and comparing to others.

Allow yourself the opportunity to try new things, to explore and discover a way of living and working that makes you happy.

I would love to know your thoughts and how you may start this journey to becoming more Designedly.

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